Activate Your McAfee

Now you know about McAfee, its products, features, performance, how to download and sign in. Next you will move on to the McAfee installation with product key part of this security software. Install McAfee with Activation Code to your PC, Laptop or wherever you want with very few easy steps. But you should take care of the fact that the version of your McAfee product must meet or exceed the supported version. Specifically, it is recommended that you use McAfee Security Center version 14.0., which is the most supported and widely used one.

A Question Might Arise, On How To Do McAfee Installation With Product Key  

McAfee Installation with Product Key is just a matter of a few minutes. The time it takes will depend on how fast your web connection is and how fast your processor  is at doing its work. It might only take  about 1 minute to download the installer software and then another 5 -10 minutes to install McAfee.

Follow The Step By Step Procedure of McAfee Installation With Product Key:

  • Open a web browser
  • Go to the link shown on the card ie,

The card mentioned here is the retail card needed to activate your product subscription. To get the product key, you need to redeem the card by visiting, clicking on the  Account option in the upper-right corner. And Redeeming your Retail Card. You will get an activation code. Type the activation code from your retail card and click Submit. The process of McAfee installation with product key is done.

  • Select your native country and language
  • Type email id and the activation code got from the retail card
  • Click the option Submit.
  • When prompted, confirm that your Email Address is correct. If incorrect, give your correct email id
  • Click Verify and then your subscription is successfully activated.

Also, The Other Procedure by Activating Product Key is as Follows

  • Visit
  • Now Enter your code. Fill your 25 digit McAfee activation key. (from the retail card))
  • Log in.
  • Choose “My Account” and type your email address and password to log in
  • Select the McAfee product to download to your computer.
  • Run the installation program.
  • Scan your computer

How To Install McAfee With Activation Code On Your Computer

Usually people do say that you Redeem the McAfee Action code before you create Mcafee Account, But experts highly recommend having a McAfee account before starting McAfee activation. The Mcafee Account Can Help you with McAfee activation, installation, setup, billing and Manage Your Services.

To Register and Install McAfee with Activation Code,

  1. You should select your country and type your activation or product key obtained.
  2. When prompted, you can register as a new user or log in with your existing McAfee account credentials.
  3. You should take extra care that you can use your product key only one time to register your application.
  4. Now to Install McAfee with Activation Code Find the McAfee activation code required which is displayed in the Download page of McAfee Software.mcafee activation code
  5. Just copy paste the code in the Master Installer window.
  6. You should have the Web Browser open post downloading the McAfee setup file to do this activity.

Some people are grave about getting a free plan or version of McAfee product. The only free version of McAfee is a 30-day free trial of the Total Protection package directly provided by the company which you can use for 30 days without inputting your payment information. After the trial period, you can buy the premium version and enjoy all the services that the product offer.  If you know you want to try out a powerful antivirus, never go for a second option,  this is one of the best antivirus trials out there.

There was a McAfee review conducted on why people love/hate this Antivirus.  Some comments were exciting ! People do say that McAfee’s malware detection ability received top scores and Total Protection has many additional features including a password manager and a PC performance-enhancing tool but it is not that user friendly, that there are a bundle of setting issues needed to be corrected. But on the top of it, they voted that McAfee is one of the best antivirus systems out there ever generated, with the discounts and the worthful 30-day money-back guarantee, and that’s why there are many lovers for this product.

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