If In Case You Remove The McAfee Removal Tool From Your System, Then You Need To Follow Some Guidelines. Sometimes it will be difficult to Uninstall McAfee Windows 10. As a solution to the problem, you can easily Use the McAfee Removal Tool to completely uninstall McAfee Antivirus.

Types Of McAfee Removal Tool And Consumer Product Removal:

When we want to keep our computer or system a clean and safe we do remove antivirus and for this we used the removal tools which makes it very easy and simple the process as uninstalling the program in a normal way. There are many McAfee Removal Tool that can be used for the same without facing any issue.

McAfee Removal Tool or Uninstaller are Classified into Four Types –

  • McAfee AntiSpyware Removal Tool
  • McAfee AntiVirus Removal Tool
  • McAfee Personal Firewall Removal Tool
  • McAfee Virus Scan Removal Tool
  • McAfee Total Prot Removal Tool
  • McAfee Internet Security Reectionmoval Tool

 The McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool Works With :

  • McAfee AntiVirusPlus
  • McAfee Family Protection
  • McAfee Internet Security
  • McAfee Online Backup
  • McAfee Total Protection
  • McAfee LiveSafe

Follow The Step By Step Guidance To Remove McAfee From Your Computer

If you have a McAfee product on your computer and you remove it, you can use the official McAfee Removal Tool for anything described above. This is downloadable from the website , and this can be installed and run on the computer. Each of these above mentioned removal tools is to remove the specific product of McAfee security system. 

The Proceedings are as Below :

  • Download MCPR from McAfee’s website (Ihttps://us.mcafee.com/apps/supporttools/mcpr/mcpr.asp)
  • Run the program
  • Accept the license agreement and input the capcha code 
  • Click Next option
  • When the uninstallation is complete, reboot the system 
  • Restart the system

 Please note that the security characters the tool will ask you to enter are case-sensitive.

Follow The Process Of How To Uninstall McAfee Windows 10?

In order to remove McAfee software completely from your PC or uninstall mcafee windows 10 operating system, you should first use Windows built-in system to uninstall McAfee software before going to any other options. If it doesn’t work, then only you need to search for the removal tool described above according to your needs. The extension of tool will be MCPR.exe from the McAfee site.

Some of these packages once installed may be a bit difficult or complex to uninstall from windows 10. So there comes the importance of such a McAfee Removal Tool which works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. These tools are not compatible with Windows 98 or Windows ME.

To Remove or Uninstall McAfee Windows 10, As Described First We Can Use The Operating System Settings with The Built-In Tools. 

  • Open the Settings menu clicking the start button on the desktop and  clicking on the relevant result.
  • Next, select the Apps Menu
  • Now Use the search box and search for McAfee so that everything related to McAfee pops up
  • Select the McAfee product or app you want to uninstall (or all the related apps of McAfee security system)and click the Uninstall button. Confirm your selection.
  • Give the access to continue the uninstallation to uninstall mcafee windows 10. Once you confirm, you’ll go through the McAfee uninstaller. 
  • The McAfee system is now uninstalled from your windows 10 system.

As mentioned earlier, if the windows 10 uninstallation method described above does not work, then you can use the removal tool for the function. This is then called the MCPR  (McAfee Consumer Product Removal) Tool.

Uninstall McAfee Windows 10 Using A File With an Uninstall Code

In some cases, you can’t remove McAfee products using Programs and Features or Apps & features using a command prompt. A script or file with an uninstall string or a code like data can make the uninstallation process successful. Locating and identifying the command in the windows registry and using it to remove the product may be successful. It Can be Done by

  •   Press Windows+R, type regedit and click OK.

Type and Run the following registry codes :

   *  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Wow6432Node/McAfee/ePolicy Orchestrator/Application Plugins

    *  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Wow6432Node/NetworkAssociates/ePolicy Orchestrator/Application Plugins

  • Select the key you want to remove. 
  • Right-click Uninstall Command 
  • Select Modify
  •  Highlight the text in the Value data field, right-click, and select Copy 
  • Click Cancel.
  • Close the registry editor.
  • Press Windows+R, type Run, paste the contents copied from step 5 into the Open field, and then click OK.
  • The product now is uninstalled.

These options do uninstall mcafee windows 10 from your system, but there are certain chances where these instructions or commands aren’t good enough to fully remove McAfee, as some pop up windows and some residue and cache of the app remains in the system. Some kind of uninstaller app from any trustable website or playstore (appstore) will be the next and the best option in this case. This might clear the remains of the McAfee security app . Some options are Appcleaner, Cleanmaster, Turbo Cleaner,IBOit Uninstaller etc.

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